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After months of carefully reviewing all the products I use on a daily basis, I am proud to announce that you will be able to purchase these products through my web site. I carefully and vigorously push the 

boundaries of all my products. You will no longer need to shop anywhere else for your detailing needs. Please subscribe to us on youtube and like us on facebook. We are in the process of changing our name to Snap Detailing. I want to thank all of my clients who made this possible.                                   


Smart Wax

Auto Detailing Supplies Inc

So Fast Premium Air Freshener & Odor Eliminator, Green Apple Scent

MangoCello Scent Air Freshener

French Vanilla Scent Air Freshener

Jasmine Scent Air Freshener

Honeydew Scent Air Freshener

Watermelon Scent Air Freshener

New Car Scent & Leather Scent Combo Pack

Grape Soda Scent Air Freshener

Pina Colada Scent Air Freshener

Citrus Splash Scent Air Freshener

Bubble Gum Scent Air Freshener

Cherry Fresh Scent

Auto Air Freshener/Odor Removal

Youtube video thumbnail

Purple Stuff Grape Soda Scented Air Shizzle & Odor Eliminator

Youtube video thumbnail

Air Fresheners & Odor Neutralizers- Odor Eliminators 

Youtube video thumbnail

Strawberry Margarita Scent-Premium Vacation Air Freshener

Youtube video thumbnail

Remove Cigarette Smells From Your Car - Chemical Guys Odor Eliminators

Youtube video thumbnail

Jen plays a prank on Matt - How to: Honeydew - Chemical Guys Air Freshener

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